Sermon from 1/15/17, by Pastor Leslie Schenk

Friday is not going to be an easy day for most people.  For many who voted for Mr. Trump, they will be wondering if they really are to be included in the part of America he will make great again.  They will be wondering if they elected a president who will make good on his promises to the working class.  They will be wondering if electing someone who so readily speaks his mind is a good idea after all in a world sitting on a powder keg.


For those who didn’t vote for Mr. Trump, Friday will not be an easy day.  Every misogynistic, Islamophobic, racist, anti-immigrant, handicap mocking, LGBTQ threatening word he has uttered or tweeted is ringing in their ears, and with each confirmation hearing and early morning tweet the echoes are getting louder and louder.

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