Change is Good!

We have begun some work on our gathering spaces, to update things like paint and furnishings, to change to more efficient lighting, and to make our spaces more flexible for different types of events (and for new ways of doing our worship service).  As part of this process, we have taken the pews out of our sanctuary.  It’s a big change, and for some they are wondering if such a change is good — will it still feel like church without pews?  It will feel different, that is guaranteed, but as we see it, whether the sanctuary feels like a “church,” in the best sense of what the church can be — a place of blessing; where all are welcome; where can experience God’s love and grace through Word, through bread & cup shared, through peace passed — is more about the people and how we relate with one another than whether we have pews or chairs.

It will be interesting to go through this process, which led us to have a front lawn filled with pews last week (pews that are now being used by another church, which needed some seating for a new building they are moving to — paying it forward!).  I will be posting periodically about the process, as a way pews on lawnof letting you know a bit more about us.

–Pastor Leslie

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