scaffold 1

The remodeling work continues, as painting in the sanctuary started yesterday (8/9).  Stopping by the sanctuary, I saw the scaffolding set up to aid in painting the ceiling, and it got me to thinking (a vocational hazard, as we pastors so often seek sermon illustrations wherever we go).  What provides the scaffolding for our lives, our life’s journey?  Scaffolding provides safe support, it helps us to do work that is needed, and it helps us to reach heights that we could not otherwise (or so easily) reach.  We can think about faith in the same way: faith in God – a God whose steadfast love is promised to each of us and all of us, a God who promises to be with us always (in green pastures, beside still waters, in the darkest valley), a God whose divine spark is part of our very being – is the scaffolding of our lives, providing safe support, helping/encouraging us to do the work we were created to do as helping neighbors, and helping us to reach new heights of love, compassion, and peace.  Sometimes it can be scary to use scaffolding and have trust in it, just as it challenges some of us (all of us?) to have faith and trust in God (and yes, in God’s people, who aren’t ever perfect, even though some think they are!).  We have to challenge ourselves some times to have such faith, or to trust that God will be with us even in those times we can’t feel such presence.  But this “scaffolding” is there for us, this I know and truly believe.  May it bless you, today and always.  –Pastor Leslie

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