Mindful Advent – Light


An appropriate focus word for our Mindful Advent practice on this day of the winter solstice: light.  We celebrate the light today with peoples of many faiths and those who worship creation.  Be mindful of the light today, however much you get of it.  Revel in this beautiful gift of an ever creating, ever creative God.

So far today it is cloudy where I am, so the light is rather diffuse, but we have thrown off the blanket of darkness and can see, even if it is still rather gloomy.  So too we are struggling to throw off the blanket of darkness that pervades our world; we are struggling to reject the blanket of hate, the blanket of fear, the blanket of injustice, the blanket of violence, the blanket of -isms that threaten to smother all the light in our world.  We awake at the dawn hungry for the light, wondering where it is, and we forget that the light is in us, that we need to keep up the struggle to bring light to our world, light made known through peace, justice for all, love, kindness, yes, all those supposedly “soft” things that actually take a lot of strength and courage to bring to the darkness.  But we do indeed have the light — let it shine!  Let it shine in your life, in your community, in your world.  Let it shine!


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