Mindful Advent/Christmas — Birth


It is still Christmas Eve where I live, but we have had our church service already this evening, we have heard the story and celebrated by singing “joy to the World,” so I figure I could do my Christmas posting of my Mindful Advent series.  The focus word to meditate on for Christmas day is “birth.”

Something happened at tonight’s service that was unplanned, unintended, but, as these things can turn out, a most beautiful blessing.  We were reading from the second chapter of Luke’s gospel, interspersed by Christmas carols.  We had just heard the part where Jesus was born, and laid in the manger and wrapped in bands of cloth.  Then we sang a couple of verses of “Away in a Manger.”  As all those gathered sang together, I could hear rising a bit above the rest of us the voices of the children, almost imperceptibly quietly  like they do when they stand at the front of the church as a children’s choir, but singing with us and so very brightly and sweetly, and angelic choir — it pierced my heart.  I had to pull myself together to finish the service, which had so many more blessings, including us all in a circle singing “Silent Night” a cappella by candlelight, but I will hold the sound memory of that moment of the children’s voices rising above us into this night and into Christmas and I’m sure well beyond.  They are our today and our tomorrow.

May the light of God’s love be born anew in you this Christmas.  Blessed and Merry Christmas!



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