UCC Camps

Plymouth offers an Outdoor Ministry program for people of all ages, which promotes opportunities for individuals and families to participate in UCC church camps throughout the year.  Camp scholarships are available.

Through United Church Camps, Inc. (UCCI), the Wisconsin Conference UCC supports camp programs at Moon Beach Camp near St. Germain in north central Wisconsin, and at Pilgrim Center on Green Lake just over an hour’s drive north from Madison.  As Plymouth folk have come to know through experience, the camps at Moon Beach and Pilgrim Center are two beautiful settings that are “a safe environment, removed from the chaos of the world, from which to discover your authentic spirituality… a place apart to ignite your fire, feed your soul, and build your faith…in nature’s sanctuaries,” as described by UCCI.  Family camps, Grandparent & me camps, quilting retreats, camps/retreats for women, men, those who love fishing, baby boomers, teens, and more are available.  Plymouth folks regularly help out on Work Camp weekends at Moon Beach Camp in the spring and fall.