First blog post

Hello!  This is a new (updated) website for Plymouth Church.  As I work on this website, I especially want to convey something of what Plymouth is like to those who don’t know us yet.  Why is this important to me?  Well, because Plymouth has been a wonderful life resource and faith resource for me, and helps make me a better, more spiritually whole person, and I think others are searching for that too.  On this website (and our Facebook page and other social media) will try to describe some of what we believe and what compels us to live out a spiritual life in a community, and especially in the community of faith we call Plymouth.  But here is a hint for you of what Plymouth is like: our website.  It isn’t fancy or slick, it may not have all the “bells and whistles” that other churches have on their websites, just like our church may not have a lot of fancy audio/visual equipment or other accoutrement.  We prefer to steward our resources-time, talents, and treasure-into helping our neighbors and one another to live together in peace, respect, harmony, and love, honoring the blessing of diversity while seeking to live in unity.

peace and blessings,