Summer 2021: We are looking to hire a new Youth Leader.  The job description is available here: Job Announcement- Youth Leader for Plymouth UCC

Plymouth’s Christian Education program affords every person opportunities to explore their spirituality while learning about themselves and the world.  In addition to the Word shared and reflected on in the weekly Children’s message during our worship services, we seek to help young people to learn more and get help and guidance for their lives through our Church School experience.

  • Worship Center, our preschool class for children age three to five, offers storytelling, crafts, and other age-appropriate activities to engage these young ones in the Bible story.
  • The Sunday School provides structured, age-grouped Christian Education classes for children from kindergarten through eighth grade.
  • Confirmation class engages our youth (generally late middle school or early high school) in going deeper into the Word, church history, service/mission, and other related topics that help them to affirm and strengthen their faith.

Embodied prayer during Children’s message time

Church School is held during the Sunday worship service, after the children’s message.  It meets most weeks September-May.  In addition we offer a One-Room Sunday School during each Sunday service in July, when the children explore a special topic related to faith.

We believe that learning comes in many forms: study, through the example of others, in word and music and art.  Below is a photo of the Pentecost quilt the children of Plymouth helped create under the guidance of Rheda Schultz.  The children heard and discussed the story of Pentecost.  Each child designed a figure for the quilt based on his or her response to the story.  Some created carnival rides (it was a festival day!), people, tongues of fire, and might winds (a tornado!).  Others created trees, houses, flowers, and sun to complete the picture.