Witness Needed

The picture here shows a cover over the cross in our sanctuary, a temporary protection while the area was being painted last week.  I note that the covering is clear, so that the cross still shows through, which I think is an important visual for us in these times.  We cannot let the gospel good news be hidden away or qcovered crossuiet.  There are ugly voices and actions evident, words and actions of hate and violence, judgments that some people do not belong, that some lives don’t matter.  Many of these ugly voices and actions, I’m sad and angered to say, come from people who claim the faith of Christ as their witness.  But that view covers up the true witness of Christ — the one we call the Prince of Peace, the one who preached “blessed are the peacemakers,” the one who invited all to the table and the grace of God, the one whose first words of public ministry (in Luke’s gospel) were that he was anointed to “bring good news to the poor…release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free…”  He said these words about his own work, but his whole ministry was about inviting all of us to join with him in this important work in God’s name.  As a white person, I have to admit my privilege; in most aspects of life in this country, I am not one of the oppressed.  I am called by Christ to work with those who are oppressed, including people of color, immigrants and refugees, LGBTQ folks, the poor, so that all may be free from oppression, that all may have opportunity in this world to be who they are, so that all may know that God’s grace and love are for them, as they are.  We here at Plymouth will continue to uncover this true message of the cross, and we invite you to join us.  — Pastor Leslie

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