Mindful Advent – Stillness

snowOn this Christmas Eve, with our thoughts turning to the stable, let us turn our focus in our Mindful Advent meditation practice to the word: stillness.  It is as if the whole world is waiting, waiting for…possibilities? hope? peace? love? In the stillness the shepherds heard the angels share the good news.  In the stillness the magi saw the star.  If we can shut out the noise of the world, for just a moment or two, what can we find in the stillness?

Many years ago I was in Denver in May for a week-long work seminar.  We had one afternoon off, so a group of us went on a drive west out of the city and up into the Rockies.  We wanted to see the mountains, get a bit of fresh air, and relax.  After a while we got to a point where there was a place to stop the car and enjoy a lookout, about the time when we got hit by a sudden burst of snow (and our driver, from somewhere in the south, was getting a little panicky because he was not used to driving in the snow and he wanted to switch drivers).  We got out of the car, and the lookout space was wide enough that we could spread out a bit to enjoy the view.  I was grateful to my traveling companions that day, for they were comfortable not talking all the time, and for a few minutes no one said a word.  It was perfectly quiet — no talking, no road noise, no sound at all.  Looking out on the scene — the mountains, the trees, the gently falling snow — one could feel alone with all creation, part of all creation, with the snow flakes offering a sort of blessing or anointing.  It was a brief still encounter that made one feel as if all that is good is possible.

May this Christmas Eve bring you a moment or two of still wonder,



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